The situation due to Covid-19

We believe in Force majeure

Force majeure means a greater power. That greater power is here, on the mountain and in the forest. The greater power is in you. In the experience.

We believe in it, we believe in the future. We believe in you.

When entering Idre Fjällmaraton, you sign up for an adventure, a journey. Nobody knows yet if the actual final will be on August 22, 2020, or on August 28, 2021. Regardless, your entry is valid.

Dream of it. Experience it. The feeling of being invincible.

Up to July 6, 2020, we do it like this:

• We believe in Idre Fjällmaraton this year. We keep up our preparations with the aim to create the best event possible for you. We do everything we can to decrease the risk of infection and consider alternative solutions. A virtual race is not an option, Idre Fjällmaraton has to be experienced on site! It is an interplay with nature, other runners and within yourself – it’s not just a distance.

• You keep on training!

• If not yet registered, get on board – join the journey and look forward to experience Idre Fjällmaraton.

• No later than July 6, we will inform everyone if Idre Fjällmaraton will be able to take place in 2020 or not.

IF the race has to be cancelled, this is what happens:

• Your entry will be moved to next year’s race, on August 28, 2021.

• If you have booked accommodation at Idre Fjäll, you can change it to 2021 without any extra costs.

• Change of names of participants can be made free of charge from July 6, up until August 31 augusti, 2020.

Of course, it sucks if the race has to be cancelled. BUT the journey to the finish line will be even longer. And, as they say, the journey is the true goal.

Together, we keep the dream of the mountain, Idre Fjällmaraton and the feeling of being invincible alive!