"We come from nowhere. The Sami have always been here, long before anyone else."

Sami author Johan Turis wrote this in the early 20th century and it is just as up-to-date today. Generation after generation of the indigenous people the Sami, have passed on the story of the Sápmi country and the Sami people.

In tune with nature

In Idre, we are in an area where people have lived for thousands of years. When the inland ice pulled back, people chose to settle here. Today, Idre is the southernmost part of the country of the Sami, Sápmi. The Sami village of Idre contains about 30 reindeer owners. The Sami live from the reindeer, the reindeer lives from what nature gives. A fine interplay between mankind and nature.

As runners on the mountain, we also interact with nature. We are inspired by the Sami knowledge and way of living with nature. We are humble before the greatness of the mountain and show respect to all plants and animals.

In conjunction with 2XU Idre Fjällmaraton, Renbiten offers guided tours where you can experience the Sami culture, learn about a reindeer keeper's everyday life and about the animal it's all about – the reindeer. You also get to taste Sami food and coffee.

The animal it's all about – the REINDEER

The reindeer is an important culture carrier and resource in the Sami society. It provides food, fur and leather, the strong horns become appliances and jewelry.

We get to run on a beautiful mountain, which also is a pasture for the reindeer and a workplace for the Sami. It is illegal to disturb the reindeer! If you meet one, don't go close and do not try to touch or feed it. Just admire at a distance!

Reindeer facts

  • The reindeer is the only deer where both the male and female has a crown of horn.
  • To avoid mosquitos in the summer, the reindeer moves high up on the mountain.
  • In August, the reindeer spread over large areas to search for food.
  • There are about 500 000 reindeer in Sweden and Norway.
  • The reindeer is a good swimmer.
  • The most developed sense is the sense of smell.
  • A white reindeer symbolizes happiness.
  • Reindeer keeping is reserved to the Sami according to the Swedish constitution.
  • The reindeer are wandering, following their inner compass.