How long is your Idre Fjällmaraton?

We know that all runners come to Idre Fjällmaraton with their special background, ambition and prerequisites. Therefore, we have created courses for everyone to find a challenge that excites you. Four routes: 84 k, 45 k, 28 k and 12 k for the more grown up runners – and Aske's Fjällmaraton for the kids choose YOUR Idre Fjällmaraton.


84 k 2690 m

Gierhkie baalka - Trail of the wolverine

Mobile coverage? Wouldn’t think so. On the Trail of the Wolverine it’s you. And then it’s, well…you. Out here, the so called civilization is far away. The 84 K from Lövåsen to Idre Fjäll are rough, sometimes pathless – and dazzlingly beautiful. Tread trails that no longer exist, follow ancient routes. Meet the wilderness, on it’s own terms.




45 k 1 400 m

Bovtse baalka Trail of the reindeer

Never satisfied with less than the worst? Watch out! Nature is going to challenge you here. 1,400 metres of altitude, three mountains and a terrain from hell, you will never forget this one. The reward is lavish however, having conquered the abode of the Gods, the mountain Städjan, sprinting down the last hill – the feeling of being unbeatable appears!




28 k 900 m

Duvrie baalka – Trail of the Bear

Not afraid of technical trailrunning and eager to fully experience the nature reserve of StädjanNipfjället. This route gives you the most beautiful views and the best passages. However, we are not talking about a walk in the park! 900 metres of elevation will put you to the test.




12 k 300 m

Vaejsjie baalka – Trail of the Wolf

Want to get a taste of mountain running, yet aware that there is a day tomorrow as well? For you, we created a humane challenge. The terrain is varied, handing to you trails, fens and ouups… a climb up the alpine slopes of Idre Fjäll.