The feeling of being invincible

We think it's everybody's right to some time feel invincible. Not in comparison to someone else, but in relation to yourself. Invincible, since you accomplished something you didn't think was possible. Because you had the courage to do something you didn't think you could do. Because you went out there, in unknown fields and won. Won over that little voice saying you can't.

It's because of that Salming Idre Fjällmaraton exists. To give you the possibility to feel invincible.

Salming Idre Fjällmaraton exist so that mountain runners like you can experience the interplay with nature. You run along old tracks, used when cattle was herded on the mountain. You are in the area where the Sami used to live in their cottages. A territory where man meets the wilderness. Your feet takes you over stones and roots, you drink directly from a mountain stream, maybe you pick a few cloudberries on a fen, you raise the gaze and get new energy from the breathtaking views.

Over there, the vulcano shaped mountain Städjan looms. The very specific top rises 1,131 metres. In 1844, the mountain inspired the young ethnologist Rickard Dybeck to the verse ”Thou ancient, Thou free” in what was to become the Swedish national anthem. ”The home of Gods", was natural historian Olof Rudbeck's words in the 17th century. Once you're up on the mountain, you can form you own opinion.