We think it's everybody's right to some time feel invincible. Not in comparison to someone else, but in relation to yourself. Invincible, since you accomplished something you didn't think was possible. Because you had the courage to do something you didn't think you could do. Because you went out there, in unknown fields and won. Won over that little voice saying you can't.

It's because of that Salming Idre Fjällmaraton exists. To give you the possibility to feel invincible.

The feeling of being invincible


How long is your Salming Idre Fjällmaraton?

45K - 1,400 m

Bovtse Baalka

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28K - 900 m

Duvrie Baalka

The course

12K - 300 m

Vaejsjie Baalka

The course

The trail has demands. It requires you to have active feet, to fend off rocks and roots. The trail forces you to use your strength to climb the mountain. The trail gives you flow when moving smoothly in the terrain. The trail gives you views over mountains, forests and the blue horizon in the distance.

The trail gives you the feeling. The feeling of being one with the mountain. The feeling of being invincible.

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Deep down in the valley Foskdalen, many kilometers from where the road ends, lays Ola Påhlsson’s fäbod. Here, he has spent his summers since he was a child. Surrounded by the mountains and the forest, with silence and peace of mind.

When you run the Trail of the Reindeer or the Trail of the Wolverine, you pass Ola’s fäbod where he has arranged his own drinking station. We took the small winding road down to the fäbod to meet Ola and hear him tell us about the history of the area, and how Salming Idre Fjällmaraton helps preserve old trails between the chalets.

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